5.18 billion Damage in Gauntlet Event Achievement

Hey guys, this is an achievement post sharing my new record of reaching a huge 5.18 billion damage in the Gauntlet Event and earning 102+ million gold. For tips about how to earn more gold and optimize your party and character for maximum damage / earnings check out my 2 posts linked below, otherwise see the pictures I post below about my 5.18 billion damage achievement! 🙂

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  • Tips Version 1: Getting More Gold from World Boss & Gauntlet

5.18 billion Damage Achievement and my party

Bear in mind that Mirane, who is #2, is a lot stronger than me, but this proves that you can rank higher than someone who is stronger than you.  A bunch of it is due to luck as well, getting lucky to win a battle allows you to attack faster. For example if the boss has 130 million health left and if I do between 90 and 160 million depending on luck then I could either win or lose this battle. So such things matter as well. Otherwise the event was very friendly, there was no stealing going on, we each took 1 path. I was on the top path, Mirane on the middle / center path, Chis and MsChis on bottom path and the others were more moving around.

The 102+ million gold income:

My Main Character, Thunder Lord and Hercules:

My Main: Archer / Hunter:

Thunder Lord:


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