80+ million gold income achievement

Hey guys, just wanted to share with you a big achievement in the life of my Hunter character who did a massive 3.16 billion damage today in the Gauntlet event earning:

  • 70 million gold income reward +
  • the gold from fighting I didn’t really count exactly, but should be around 10-15 million gold +
  • 12 + 6 Treasure Chests +
  • 1 Gauntlet Pacl XL +
  • 3700 + 40 Guild Honor
  • and of course a lot of pride 🙂

Everyone loves this event due to the nice gold income, so you should do your best to never miss it as none of the other gold income in the game compares with the gold you can earn in the Gauntlet.

Screenshot 3.16 billion damage, gold income and other rewards

Rewards for Rank 2

The rewards for actually ranking at a high position (#2) were not high at all in comparison to the damage performance. I received 6 Treasure Chests and 40 Guild Honor and no gold income at all as you can see on the screenshot below.

Treasure Chest Contents:

Gauntlet Pack XL Contents:

This is a very nice pack giving me an additional 500k gold income and 100 guild honor, but unfortunately I only got one of these.

COSMOS Hunter Stats during this event:

My main character was basically my main damage dealer. He was able to get some rage and stats buffs from Light Envoy and Nereida and the enemy attacks were delayed or blocked by my current 2 tanks: Mountain God and Nether Knight.

The Results Table and Statistics

Finally, this was the end result of the Gauntlet Event:

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