Hey there! Since you clicked “About” you probably don’t know me and our community and this is a good place to start!

I am the founder of DolyGames and I am also a somewhat famous gamer with the name COSMOS a.k.a. LAVASH and I got known due to my huge work in gaming, creating 1000+ videos on YouTube and running a number of awesome gaming blogs. I get tons of positive feedback so I know my work is appreciated so I hope you will get to love it also 🙂

This site is 100% dedicated to League of Angels. There are tons of similarities with other versions of this game on other platforms, but there might be differences as well, and this one here is fully dedicated to the version that runs on AMZGAME.

Feel free to browse the site, enjoy, learn, comment, share with friends and you are also welcome to contribute yourself if you want!

So thanks for coming and have a great time!


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