Character Overview – Highborn Berserker 4.8 mil BR

Hey guys, here is the character overview , stats and pictures of Highborn, who is a Berserker class with 4.8 mil BR. Pictures taken are from end of March 2015.

Hero Statistics and Runes

Highborn Main Hero Stats and Runes

Hercules Hero Stats and Runes

Valentina Hero Stats and Runes

Messenger of Darkness Hero Stats and Runes

Nereida Hero Stats and Runes

Mount, Mount Skills and Stats

Angel and Angel related features

Elena Angel Stats and Skill

Aegis Levels and Stats

Buffs from the Angels

(probably did not manage to capture all the buffs due to lack of screen space)

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels and Party:

Main hero’s additional stats from the Guardian Angel:

Highborn Active Party View

Dragonsoul Orbs and Levels

Highborn’s Dragonsoul Orbs:

Valentina’s Dragonsoul Orbs:

Light Envoy / Messenger of Death’s Dragonsoul Orbs:

Nereida’s Dragonsoul Orbs:

Earthshaker / Hercurles’ Dragonsoul Orbs:

Other Heroes which Highborn used/uses:

  • Dragon Queen
  • Blazing Hecate (seems to be an active hero, perhaps the backup hero)
  • Godless Wolf
  • Amazon Hunter
  • Dark Paladin
  • Panda Nicky
  • Astral Hunter / Divine Hunter
  • Lunar Priestess (party healer)
  • King o’Bones
  • and Nether Knight

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