Eternal Spire Conqueror Hot Event

Hey guys, a simple but very useful tip is to keep an eye out for the Eternal Spire Conqueror Hot Event (if you are able to spend diamonds). This event will shower you in lots of additional Runestones if you do it smartly.

How to grab the maximum advantage of Eternal Spire Blitzing?

  • If you are able to buy the Eternal Spire Card every day in the Shop for 150 diamonds do that because there is a limit of only 1 per day. But make sure not to use it, just keep gathering them.
  • Remember that buying just one additional Blitz attempt in the Eternal Spire will cost 100 diamonds and after that the cost goes much higher so the 1st attempt you should buy for 100 diamonds and for the remaining attempts you should use your (150 diamond) Eternal Spire Cards.
  • Notice that you get a lot more rewards the more blitzes you can do, so it is better to do 1 time all 8 Blitzes (5 extra on top of the 3 free ones) rather than spread them over 2-3 days and do few extra every day.
  • Remember to try to combine the Eternal Spire Conqueror Hot Event with local or cross server Tycoon. That way not only you will receive all the rewards from the Hot Event but as well gain additional rewards from the Tycoon.

On the screenshot below you see me collecting rewards for all 8 times of blitzing which gave: 100 + 150 + 200 + 300 + 600 + 1000 = 2350 additional Runestones on top of the Runestones you get from the actual Blitzes.

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