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Hey guys, one of the more difficult things in League of Angels is evolving totems and I have seen a lot of people ask how to do that, because I completely agree that it is not clear for someone who wants to do it for the first time.

So how do you evolve totems in League of Angels?

The main reason why people get confused about evolving totems is the misunderstanding about the materials required to evolve. This is because we are trained by other games as well to look at things visually and here, in the Totems Evolve window, we see: Evolution Requires 3 items, out of which the 1st item in the list is another totem. A lot of people don’t realize that this has to be a leveled up totem of exactly the same level as the one you want to evolve. This is very illogical when it comes to our gaming experience and that’s why people are unclear about it, but basically, on the screenshot below you see, if I want to evolve my Level 30 Purple/Garnet Spiritsoul Totem to orange then I will need another level 30 Spiritsoul Totem as well which will get consumed in the process.

On the first glance this looks very unfair and difficult, but actually you do end up with the same level of the evolved Totem so in that sense at least the fairness is not a huge issue.

My Purple/Garnet to Orange Spiritsoul Totem evolve achievement:

2 x level 30 purple / garnet totems required:

Evolving is hard and only gets harder!

As I said in the beginning of this article it is difficult to evolve totems. It took me a long time to gather enough experience to level up 2 purple totems to level 30 just to evolve one of them to orange and now I have to start saving up a lot more totem sacrifice points and Totems sacrifice to make the orange totem into a red one (level 40 x 2 totems will be needed!). And red totems are not the end of the line, then you need to collect enough to get 2 x level 50 totems to evolve the red.

Note that you cannot evolve green or blue / Opal totems. The evolve ability is available as of purple totems only. This is not a major issue as over time you can get all or most of purple totems from the regular Totems sacrifice.

Totem evolution requirements:

  • Purple/Garnet to Orange totems: Level 30 needed + the shown items
  • Orange to Red totems: Level 40 needed + the shown items
  • Red to Yellow/Gold: Level 50 needed + the shown items

Totem evolution materials

Orange to Red Totem evolution (level 40 x 2):

Red to Yellow/Gold Totem evolution (level 50 x 2):

Totems Diagram

Totems Diagram is a very useful reference which you can see right in-game, where you can easily check what skills or percentage increases you will get for each color / rarity of totems:

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