Gauntlet Achievement 8 billion damage

Hey guys, in this achievement post I want to share a massive 8 billion damage that I managed to do in League of Angels’ Gauntlet event. Below you will see the screenshots of the final damage table as well as the 156 million gold reward that I received for that performance, which is just awesome! 🙂

I think one of the keys to being successful in LOA, at least when it comes to gold income, is having a tight smaller guild rather than a big one, because here you see we were only 5 participants in the event and completed it on the Hell Difficulty and all of us got good rewards, especially me on the 1st Rank with the 8 billion damage, which is just nuts.

For tips on how to achieve this yourself check my number of my posts giving you tips and guides, one example: Getting More Gold from World Boss & Gauntlet

Screenshot with 8 billion damage Gauntlet Achievement

(20 May 2015)

LOA Gauntlet Achievement 8 billion damage 20 May 2015 - 1

Screenshot with 156 million gold income Gauntlet Achievement

LOA Gauntlet Achievement 8 billion damage 20 May 2015 - 2

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