Gauntlet Event Tips and my Video 90+ million Gold Achievement

Hey guys, let’s talk a little bit about the Gauntlet Event, which I think is one of the most important events in the life of a League of Angels’ character / party. This event, almost all by itself, is responsible for the vast majority of gold income of top players. Here people can earn many millions of gold and in my video below you will see that I earned 90+ million gold from one Gauntlet Event and I can do this every time the Event pops up (assuming I can participate, which sometimes is difficult for me ’cause it’s at night for my timezone).

Gauntlet Event Tips

So let’s talk about specific things that you can do to maximize your gold income (note i already wrote a guide on this subject (Getting More Gold from World Boss & Gauntlet) and in this article I will go more into detail on a couple of points + share the actual video of doing the whole Gauntlet event):

  • Genesis Mail League of AngelsFirst and most important, when it comes to Gauntlet (but also World Boss), the most valuable item that can boost your income is the Genesis Mail. This item is so important I can’t even emphasize it strong enough. The reason for this is because it guarantees that when your heroes die they will revive immediately. This buys you double the time to do damage, so focus on getting this item on every single one of your heroes including your backup!
  • Next, you have to understand that your main character is the most powerful hero you have and that it is much more efficient for you to boost him rather than trying to get more heroes to do damage. Another reason for this is because it is extremely expensive and requires a huge amount of resources to bring up other damage dealers to even half of the power of your main character, while it is relatively super cheap to bring in support heroes. So depending on your level and abilities the choices are as follows (starting from worst to the best)
    • Dawn Taven: Astral Child to boost rage
    • Midnight Tavern: Nereida (can be a long term hero) to boost rage, attack and defense
    • Astral Taven: Astral Hunter to give rage and do damage himself
    • Enigma Tavern: Light Envoy (long term awesome hero) for total party support
  • Next you have to set the best formation in order to achieve the most damage. This follows exactly the same logic like for the World Boss and you can see in my 1st version of tips for Gauntlet and World Boss.
  • Aquarius AegisTesting the Aegis I have found out that for me the Aquarius Aegis results in more gold earned. I have seen other people using Pisces Aegis which resurrects heroes and I have tested this one as well, but somehow the Aquarius wins when it comes to gold income. I think this is due to it’s higher proc rate as well as the ability to block 2 attacks from the boss whereas a resurrected hero might block just one if he dies from 1 hit.
  • Another trick is to put only offensive gems for your main damage dealer which is your main character. He will not really need any defense as he is hiding in the top left corner and you can fill him up with as much offense as you can. To do this:
    • Upgrade gem slots with magic socketing rods – I usually do 1 or 2 as it gets quite expensive with 20 rods for the first slot and 60 rods for the 2nd. In the upgraded slots put offensive gems like PATK + HP and PATK + Hit (MATK for mages). In regular slots put regular PATK and Crit gems. This will already take up 4 gem slots. 1 slot you need to dedicate to dodge. If you do this on all your items of the main character his damage output will significantly increase.
    • Due to the above you need to make sure to get magic socketing rods from various events. It is totally achievable to get 20 + 60 rods even for free players.
  • Next, you need to Enchant your weapon and ring to as high as you can even if it means doing nothing on the other items. My Hodur’s Bow at level 5 enchant is giving me an additional 5% Attack Bonus and an additional 7500 Attack as well. My Tyr’s Ring helps with Dodge giving 10% extra dodge and 1500 Dodge with Level 5 Enchant.
  • Shadowstrike Skill +7 LOANext, the skill that your hero uses to attack matters a great deal. A lot of people use various PvP skills which are great when you fight enemies, but are terrible when it comes to PvE events like the Gauntlet and World Boss. For these you don’t need any stun or special things, you just need the highest amount of damage. This is why I have focused all my efforts to get Shadowstrike Skill +7 which is giving me 110% + 18200 damage 3 times (it hits 3 times in a row). This skill is perfect for these events, but might not be your best choices for PvP and I suggest you first focus on getting huge earnings and only later switch to PvP builds.

There is a lot more to be said on this subject, but the points I explained above and the points I explained in the 1st version of my guide/tips for Gauntlet and World Boss give you the most important aspects to work on, so I hope you found them useful and if you want to share with others some of your own tips then please put it down in the comments below.

Lastly, I share with you my Gauntlet Event Video where I did 4.34 billion damage and earned 90+ million gold:

My Gauntlet Video:

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