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Hey guys, one of the best things you can do to advance well in League of Angels is to bring your Daily Devotion to maximum points every single day. Doing this will ensure that you have not forgotten anything and that you get all the bonus rewards from Devotion (and check-ins). So here is the list of all things that you can / should do, starting with things you probably do not know:

Daily Devotion “Secrets” – many don’t know this:

Tricks about Enhancing Equipment

If you Enhance your equipment 1 time, you will already see that this item is already ticked “done” in your daily devotion tasks. But what it really useful and good to know is that you can actually get more devotion points if you Enhance more – up to 5 times. So many people Enhance just once to get their Enhance Devotion, which gives them 10 devotion points, but to get more points easily, Enhance 5 times and you will get 50 Devotion points! Now for all those people who are saving up gold and don’t necessarily want to pay millions of gold per Enhance to get the maximum points then just craft a new random peerless item and enhance that – it is very cheap. You probably already have all the Materials and you just need to get the print for 1 Arena Badge, which is a very negligible cost.

Tricks about Rune Upgrades

Runes work similar to Enhance. Sometimes people just click Runes 1 time, get their “done” tick mark in the daily devotion tasks and think that they are done. You can actually get devotion points up to 5 Rune Upgrades, so do it 5 times to earn 25 Devotion points! If you are gathering Runestones for whatever reason (for example I am now gathering them in anticipation of hiring a new awesome hero) then just upgrade 5 times.

Tricks about Drills

Also for Drills a lot of people click just 1 time, get their “done” tick mark in the daily devotion tasks and think that the job is done. Also here you can Drill up to 5 times and each time you will get 10 points (50 points total)! This is relatively easy for VIP / cashers because they can open up all the Drill slots, but if you are a free player you will have 2 Drill slots like on the screenshot below, but you can still accomplish 5 daily Drills if you set your drill-time to 8 hours! So don’t do the 24 hour drills (unless you know you will not play anymore that day), because you can’t accomplish maximum Devotion points if you block your Drill slots for 24 hours. Set for 8 hours and then repeat to get maximum points!

Another tip to help you here: if you manage to save up 300 diamonds as a free player earning it from events over time and if you manage to get a VIP Card, again from events, then you can actually open the 3rd Drill slot! It will require VIP level 1 and 300 diamonds.

Familiar tasks for multiple Devotion points

Arena up to 10 times

Each battle here regardless of winning or losing will give you 5 Devotion points, so if you do all your 10 Arena battles you can earn up to 50 Devotion points!

Gold Alchemy up to 5 times

For this one it does matter if you are a free player or a VIP / diamond player. Because you can earn points for every alchemy you do up to 5 times, but the free players only get 2 attempts, so free players can earn 2 x 10 points = 20 Devotion points, while the VIP / diamond players can earn 5 x 10 = 50 Devotion points daily.

Team Dungeons up to 5 attempts

Definitely try to do these every day because the rewards are nice and the 5 attempts can be done very fast. You can earn 10 points per run / attempt making it a total of 50 Devotion points for completing them all, which is great! If you have problems finding a partner to do this event then just create a simple alt-account where you do nothing but campaign / blitzing just for the purpose of helping your main account do Team Dungeons. This is especially useful to have if you sometimes login at weird hours and there is nobody online. I don’t consider this cheating because you are not harming anyone and you are not getting more resources than you are meant to. Just sometimes it can be tough to find a partner, especially on more “dead” servers.

Team Arena up to 5 attempts

You can earn 10 points for every Team Arena fight up to maximum of 5, giving you 50 Devotion points in total. This is however much more difficult to accomplish than Team Dungeons. You will need 3 people to make up a team and you cannot do this at any time, but have to respect the daily Team Arena event times. On top of this the battles, waiting and matching, can take a longer time and in more “dead” servers it can be a pain to find or compose a team.

Things to do 1 time to earn Devotion

From these tasks, no matter how many you do, you will earn Devotion points just 1 time:

  • Gemology (any action): 20 points
  • World Boss: 20 points
  • Daily Quiz: 30 points
  • Gauntlet Event (not available every day): 20 points
  • Eternal Spire: 30 points
  • Wyrm race: 30 points
  • Jackpot (as of 1 click): 20 points
  • Raiders (any explore): 20 points
  • Plant in Garden (anything): 20 points
  • Catch any fish in Tidal Pool: 30 points
  • Erebus (manual or blitz, as of 1 run): 50 points
  • Socket gem (any; even unsocket / socket works): 20 points
  • Train Hero or Mount with Soulstones (any amount): 30 points
  • Upgrade Hero or Mount with Blessed stones (any amount): 50 points
  • Zodiac (manual or blitz): 30 points

The most annoying Devotion task

This one is the most annoying / unfair Devotion task and the reason I say this is because it is practically impossible to do this on high level:

  • Upgrade Astral (only available when you level up): 20 points

Weird but True

  • Class of Might does not give any devotion at all, although you can do up to 10 attempts per day.
  • Bonding with Angels, no matter how many Angel Tears spent, as well as Worshiping Angels, also give no Devotion points.
  • Spending real money in League of Angels gives no Devotion points at all, which is super weird as I have seen in many other games that you get some points for being a VIP member and/or for spending real money in the game.
  • Drawing Cards / Earning Herosouls in the Tavern also gives no Devotion points.
  • Participating in the Tarot event (which is currently being “optimized”) also gives no points.

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