Getting More Gold from World Boss & Gauntlet

Hey guys, in this post we are going to look into the correct formation you need to adjust to in order to maximize your earnings from World Boss and/or Gauntlet. These have one thing in common: there is one strong enemy who hits relatively very strongly usually killing your party members with one hit. So, the first and most important thing to learn is the exact sequence the boss attacks; this will allow us to setup the best formation.

On the picture below you see the attach sequence. It is always the same. It goes like:

  1. Attack on your front middle position
  2. Attack on front bottom position
  3. Attack on front top position
  4. Back middle
  5. Back bottom
  6. Back top

LOA World Boss Gauntlet Attack Sequence

Setting the best formation

Now that we know that position #1 will die in round 1 we have two possibilities for this, which is either your weakest hero in terms of damage (the most common situation) or an extremely powerful hero who can take this attack and survive (rare). Remember that on this attack the boss will use his rage and hit very hard, so in vast majority of cases any hero here will die.

Then we just to position #6 – the last place to be attacked. Here you must place your biggest damage dealer. In many cases this will be the main character, but sometimes it could be a high damage dealing hero. This is the position which will survive the longest and make the most attacks so place here your most powerful hero in terms of damage output. And your send best damage dealer will go to position #5.

Next, in position #2 you again must put your next weakest hero or a tank-type hero who can survive a normal / non-rage attack. Here, since the boss attack will be without rage, there is a higher chance of survival, but still, unless you have a powerful party the chances are that your hero will die. If you do want to try and survive this attack put as many defensive gems as possible on your tank including Block and Dodge if possible.

Next, for position #3 it gets a little bit more difficult because it depends on what happened on position #2. If you had 2 weak heroes on the 1st two positions/attacks then the position #3 will get a full rage attack, so most likely you want another weaker hero to take the hit and die.

Next, middle back row, position #4 is probably where you want your best tank to stand. This place is the guardian position before the last 2 damage dealing positions #5 and #6. So regardless of what type of attack the boss will do here your strongest tank hero or a hero who can absorb a lot of damage should stand in position #4.

Prioritizing Dodge

You can of course put PDEF, MDEF and HP type of gems on your heros, but for these events with one boss-like enemy who hits really hard you have to consider that these attributes are not really meaningful because if the boss hits you for example for 1 million damage then it matters very little if you increase your health from 200k to 300k HP and similar for defensive gems. So it is better to prioritize dodge, because you might get lucky and completely avoid the attack which buys you 1 extra turn of damage every time it happens.

Especially for the damage dealers, they pretty much just need maximum PATK/MATK + maximum Critical + dodge and that’s pretty much it.

Other Tips for Maximizing Your Income

  • If you can get your hands on the Heroic body armor (mail) get it first before any other Heroic item, because it allows you to immediately resurrect after death, which skyrockets instantly your income from World Boss or Gauntlet events.
  • Mage class heroes have Dragon Soul skill which gives them a chance to get resurrected – this can work in addition to the armor mentioned above.
  • You can use Aegis in your favor also either reducing the boss’s attack damage or having a chance to resurrect one of your party members.
  • You can Worship Angels to increase your PATK/MATK, Critical and Dodge statistics. Given that the amount of hearts are not unlimited first prioritize these 3 stats and only get more HP for example if you have a ton of hearts.
  • For advanced players who have rage giving heroes, you can calculate to make it exactly so that the hero gives rage and dies after, rather than before.
  • For mounts, naturally you need to select those mounts which give an immediate bonus rather than a small amount which stacks over turns.
  • Remember to change the active skill on your hero to a single large damage skill, for example for Hunters switch away from Multi-shot to Puncture.

Lastly, remember that if you are doing everything correctly then you will reach a certain maximum gold, which I believe is dependent on your level, so you cannot earn more than the maximum even if you are doing more damage, but your damage amount will still count for ranking and prize purposes.

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