Q&A with UnfrozenOne (20m BR Sorcerer) – Angels’ Party Awesome Info

Heya all 😀 It’s time for Q&A! 😀 Today I will be interviewing UnfrozenOne from GTArcade S95. This week the topic is Angels’ Party! 😀 So let’s get started!


Question 1: Your Opinion About This Event.

Could be better, at the beginning event was offering more chances to both free and  players who cash.
When this event first came, the game was offering more keys for chests that could be obtained from daily tasks and on discount for Diamonds (spending some materials and Diamonds to get them). Also I think that they should add some more appealing stuff for high players too. 😉 😛

Question 2: How to Prepare for this Event?

By looking at how the event is going on, being based only on huge spending of diamonds there is no preparation for it anymore. 🙁

Question 3: What to get and what to avoid from this Event?

This is a tricky question because it depends on every player’s needs. Some need angels, some heroes. Some artifacts, some amulets etc. So there is no exact science on what to get or not 😉 but I suggest that new players should ask the senior ones about stuff that they plan buying, because some of them are old and are pretty much useless when they find themselves in battle :P, like for example in amulets section. By my opinion Hammer, Scroll or Fire Chaos are useless compared to the stats that superior amulets give: like Dark Grail, Eudaemon Ring or Spirit Melody with the same inscription on them. 😛

Question 4: What should new player expect from this event?

If you are a new player, u have quite a few good stuff to get from there, since they are put on discount since most of high players have them for ages. 😛 So yes, as a new player this event is quite good 😛

Question 5: Spend all Stars or save for next month?

This is also tricky one 😛 For god’s sake you are giving me only tricky ones :P.
I remember that they changed event’s currencies and they allowed only a certain amount of old currencies to be converted to now ones. Now only the last 3 Angels’ Party had same requirements
in comparison to previous ones :P. Now if it’s certain that they are keeping same currencies (in this case Stars), I would say that saving would be a good thing, but if they change from event to event you are screwed 😛, so it’s a gamble.

Question 6: Which Hero(es) is(are) worth getting from this event?

Now, as a small player any hero is good, but if u know already how game functions you’ll go towards damage dealers (like Amazon Hunter, Chaos Paladin etc.) and buffers/support (like Neredia, Bloodsucker etc.) Now a player that knows the game will not get old heroes and will buy the new generation ones (those that have resistance to stun, silence etc.), for high players, by my opinion, no current Hero from Angels’ Party are interesting. 😛

Question 7: On this Event: is it worth it to spend currency on some Resources, or better save for Heroes?

By my opinion, Resources should always be bought last. First thing that you want to get are angels, heroes, sylphs, amulets, dragon souls, homestead decorations… After all like I said reasources last that I would get 😛

Question 8: Would you spend Diamonds on this Event?

I actually did. I spent several times, but last 2 times don’t have any new stuff to make me interested. 😛

Question 9: Anything else you would like to add?

Yes. 😛 Unfortunately this event is still way too based on Diamonds, they should just make it a mid way, so anyone can enjoy.


  • What’s your opinion about this event?
  • What you could change in it if you could?
  • Do you agree with UnfrozenOne?


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Author: Mist

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