League of Angels Tips & Tricks | Edition 1

Hey guys, here below I want to share with you a bunch of tips & tricks to make you more successful in League of Angels:

Tips & Tricks for Newbies:

  • Concentrate the vast majority of your wealth into your main hero. Invest fully into him or her and almost ignore the other heroes which you can recruit. Having one extremely powerful hero will get you very far compared to having an average party.
  • All the statistics from additional mounts and clothing add up even if you are not riding or wearing them, so get as many mounts and clothing items as you are able to.
  • Don’t just ride the mount which you think is the most attractive one. Each mount has skills, so read what each of them do and ride the one that will bring your party the best benefit.
  • Never forget to bond with your angel using the 10 free daily attempts. Having a powerful angel is extremely important in League of Angels. If your main angel is stuck for upgrading because you don’t have the Holy Crystals then bond with another angel – don’t lose the bond attempts.
  • You will need one main angel but you will also need a bunch of other angels for when your Guardian Angels feature is unlocked. However, even when this is unlocked invest the majority of your Angel Tears into your main angel first.

  • You can actually blitz more than one dungeon, so when you see it says Attempts 30/30 and you use them all up don’t think that you are finished. You can go ahead and start working on the one lower dungeon and then again one lower until all your stamina is used up.
  • Don’t use synth scrolls on lower level gems. Let them fail and use what’s successful. You will need tons of synth scrolls for very high level gems so just stick with the 75% success rate and don’t waste those synth scrolls.
  • Enhance always in packs of +10. So bring all your items to +10, then to +20, etc. Because when all are at the same level you start getting Combo Bonus statistics. Same idea is true for gems and refinements.

  • For Enchant first get everything to level 1 before starting to work on level 2 which is much more expensive. The only exception to this is your main character. There are situations where you might need to further strengthen him so he is always allowed to be in front of other heroes.
  • The more sockets you want to unlock using socketing rods on your items the higher the cost will be so open them equally for your heroes. But again, allow your main hero to be more powerful than the rest of the party. You can buy more socketing rods every day in the shop with gold:

  • Also check the Voucher shop regularly to buy items like the socketing rod:

  • To begin with hire heroes from the Dawn Tavern using Opal Herosouls as this will be the cheapest and the fastest way to get heroes. Then focus on getting them the best gems and items and enhancements and only after everything has been maxed out then hire a much better hero and give all the items to the new hero as well as inherit the older hero into the newer one.
  • Remember to use the Drills all the time to bring up the level of your heroes, but don’t waste the Timeskip scrolls. Keep those for later when you need to Rebirth heroes (they will lose 20 levels).

Tips & Tricks for Intermediate Players:

  • Stick to investing into your main hero until getting a good hero will become very cheap for you.
  • Get your Dragonsoul skill to maximum level as fast as possible for the main hero. Don’t even think about other heroes until the main is maxed (of course if the others might use other elements go ahead with whatever leftovers that you have).

  • Try to bond with your angel according to the Hot Events to get back as many Angel Tears as possible. This can be 80 or 200 I believe per day.

  • Try to get your hands on at least the weapon from the Mythic Set (Vidar’s Blade) because it will allow your hero to heal himself every single turn by 6% of your HP. And once you have this you can focus all effort into raising your HP so that your per turn healing gets higher and higher. At the time of writing this my hero is healing for around 42k HP per turn while having ~700k HP and that’s huge help as you can imagine.
    • If you are a mage or archer you will still need to get the Vidar’s Blade and then go to the Forge and Exchange it to your class’s version.

  • After you Rebirth your hero make sure you do not remove the equipment. A Rebirth-ed hero is still allowed to keep his or her higher level equipment as long as you don’t remove it. Once you remove it you will not be able to equip it and you might have big problems because of this lost Battle Rating.

This was not a full list of tips & tricks, just Edition 1 as I wrote. I hope these were useful – I will try to add more Editions over time.

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