LOA Game Update 3.0393

LOA has a new game update! Version 3.0393. It is installed on May 28th, 2015, so check out all the new stuff that it includes below:

Upgraded Function for Gem synth and exchange

Gem synth and exchange function have been optimized – we can now synth all at once.

LOA Game Update 3.0393 - Gem synth and exchange

New Hero: Moonlight Warlord (evolved from Hercules)

This is a huge update for all the people who are having the Earthshaker or Hercules in their parties and actually a disadvantage to all the others who don’t, because the Hercules people are going to get stronger. That said, it is not that easy to get this evolution so in the beginning mostly the cashers will be able to get it, which is “normal”.

LOA Game Update 3.0393 - Moonlight Warlord

New Flairs:

  • Strength Talks Emblem (90 Days)
  • King of Rookies Emblem (90 Days)

LOA Game Update 3.0393 - New Flairs

New Wings: Cinderella

LOA Game Update 3.0393 - Cinderella Wings

New Fairy: Taurus

LOA Game Update 3.0393 - New Fairy Taurus

Other Game Improvements:

1. Battle effects of dodge, hit and critical hit have been optimized
2. Rare Item page in Forge has been optimized:

Everything has been put it proper categories unlike the huge mess we had before where it was difficult to find anything. I think this is a very good improvement.

LOA Game Update 3.0393 - Rare items optimized

3. Add description of Angel Artifact Chest
4. Inventory has been optimized

This is literally a huge awesome thing – I am so happy about this out of all the things 🙂
We can now 1 click open all chests – thank you!

LOA Game Update 3.0393 - Inventory 1 click chests

5. Mount display has been optimized
6. Decrease second and third World Boss’HP
7. Change World Boss’ class into Rogue
8. Earthshaker and Dragon Empress now have chance to resist stun

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed cool-down bug of skin skill in Cross-server Battle
2. Fixed bug that battle log cannot replay
3. Fixed bug that Domination cannot proceed sometimes
4. Fixed incorrect answers in Quiz

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