LOA Game Update 3.0394 – Amazon Hawker

LOA has a new game update! Version 3.0394. It is installed on Jun 4th, 2015, so check out all the new stuff that it includes below:

New Heroine: Amazon Hawker

She is evolved from the Amazon Hunter hero. Her skill is Blowout +13 on top level increasing 11% the Attack of all party members and stacks with other buffs, which is actually pretty important. Lasts 2 turns and consumes 75 rage to cast. The damage output is also nice, 420% + 25,000 PATK while completely ignoring enemy defense and also has a 24% chance to cause double damage. Critical damage increases by 43% for 2 turns.
So Heavy Striker as described 🙂

LOA Game Update 3,0394 - Amazon Hawker

Other Game Improvements:

1. Heroic weapons can be exchanged now! Don’t need to worry about unsuitable weapons anymore! More weapons will be exchangeable in upcoming version.
2. Added Pegasus and Phoenix in Zodiac as well as Pegasus and Phoenix Aegis (not the best of skills as far as I could see at the first glance)
3. Only top 1,000 players will be ranked in Clash of Might in Divine Realm
4. Twilight Tavern is now open to Level 40 players, and Astral Tavern is open to Level 50 players.

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed mount skill bug that the skill increases all party members’ attribute instead of only increases character’s attribute
2. Fixed the bug that Mount Evolution interface turns blank sometimes
3. Fixed prompt error in Aegis upgrade

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