LOA Gemology Guide for Maximum Points

Hey guys, I have seen a lot of people get much less points than they could in Gemology and here I want to show you all sorts of combinations which I like to use to get the maximum points in Gemology and I hope that this excites you and brings you a lot of success in your own game!

Gemology Points Basics

Very short theory bullet points to make sure we all know this:

  • 1 move costs 1 energy
  • clearing 3 gems gives you 10 points
  • clearing 4 gems gives you 20 points
  • clearing 5 gems gives you 50 points (my favorite # 1)
  • clearing 6 gems gives you 50 points also (my favorite # 2)
  • clearing 7 gems gives you 60 points (rare / hard)

Thinking smarter:

  • clearing 3 gems 2 times one after another will cost 2 energy and give 10 + 10 = 20 points
  • but making 2 moves to clear a 50 pointer will cost the same 2 energy but give more than double the points!

Gemology Guide Base Examples

So no point in showing the most basic 10 pointer example :), so let’s have a look at everything above 10 points:

Remember that combinations can be in any direction and rotation, so horizontal or vertical or in case of L shapes and T shapes, any of the 4 rotations!

4 in a row for 20 points

5 in a row or T shape for 50 points

3 + 3 swap for 50 points

L shape for 50 points

Swap 3 gems and 4 gems for 60 points

Big T shape for 60 points

Gemology Guide more advanced Examples

Two 10 pointers for the price of 1 move

Getting 10 pointer to get 50 pointer

2 moves to grab a sneaky 50 pointers

Final Words

There are many examples I can keep giving, but I think I gave all the fundamental points. Think always when doing Gemology and your brain will soon start to recognize patterns very fast – you will even be surprised at how good you can get at seeing things. There are always sneaky moves that can be made and I would say 90%+ of the time you can always earn more than just 10 points per 1 move. Stay focused, predict how the gems will move if you make a certain step and you will gain a lot more points and be a lot more successful!

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