More Videos LOA Archer #70 and #71 on Level 72 | BR 1,711,030 | Duke 5 Stars

Hey guys, published 2 more videos on LOA Archer – #70 and #71 reaching Level 72 with Battle Rating of 1,711,030 and Title Duke 5 Stars. Remember if you have missed any of the progression videos you can easily just open the playlist and go to the number that you want.

Character Progress Video #70:

Character Progress Video #71:

Full Playlist:

Some nice moments from the videos:

Promotion to Duke 5 Stars:

More Videos LOA Archer #70 and #71 - Duke 5 Stars Title

A cool boss guy – Bearo the Cave Dwell:

More Videos LOA Archer #70 and #71 - Bearo the Cave Dwell boss

Evolving to Thunder Lord Hero:

More Videos LOA Archer #70 and #71 - Evolving to Thunder Lord

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