Mountain God vs. Earthshaker LOA

Hey guys, here I will be comparing 2 high level Mystery Heroes from the Enigma Tavern, the Mountain God and the Earthshaker. The reason I picked these two is because I won the House of Cards and got 2 x Joker (L) as the most top reward which means that I can recruit just 1 of these heroes and there was no good information about which one I should pick. Originally I wanted to have a strong tank (the Mountain God), but I also heard good things about the Earthshaker in terms of damage output. Other heroes are good also but I think only after getting more solid ones like these.

Hero Evolutions

One of the most important things for me in selecting heroes is knowing if they can evolve further or not. If they can evolve further then this is very good because sooner or later I can make them even more powerful.

Mountain God evolves into Son of Odin, so that’s good news and it gives even stronger HP shield and damage reduction. But Earthshaker also can evolve and he becomes Hercules with even more powerful attack and gaining an HP shield ability as well.

So in terms of evolutions, both have it so this part is equal.

Development Growth

Earthshaker’s development growth is 6 stars, while his evolved form, Hercules, is 6.5 stars. Mountain God and Son of Odin also have exactly the same stars, so again, no difference here.

Difference in Stats

Below you see the screenshots of the stats and skills of both of the heroes. In terms of stats you see a huge difference as shown on the table below. Mountain God has more than 2 times more HP and more than 3 times more defenses, so here we see a clear difference that survivability is hugely in favor of Mountain God.

Stats Earthshaker Mountain God
HP 3000 7500
PATK 800 800
PDEF 300 1000
MDEF 300 1000
Agility 180 150

Earthshaker stats LOA

Mountain God stats LOA

Difference in Skills

The skills are the part that is not really possible to compare because their functions are simply different. Mountain God focuses to protect the entire party from damage while Earthshaker only thinks about damaging the weaker heroes of the enemy. So here I will say that both are powerful in skills, one in offense and the other in defense.

Is there a cost difference?

In terms of Ruby Herosouls, both cost 1200, so there is no difference in the cost of Herosouls, so let’s look to see if there is a difference in the cost of the Crest which is required to recruit the hero.

Difference in Crest Cost?

Below you see the card requirements for the 2 heroes, so let’s compare.

Cards EarthShaker Mountain God
Joker (L) – the most expensive, hard to get card 1 2
Joker (S) 3 5
Ace of Spades 3 3
King of Hearts (gives 50 points in swap) 7
Queen of Spades (gives 37 points in swap) 9
Ace of Hearts 5
Queen of Hearts (gives 37 points in swap) 10

So here I would say there is a huge difference. The most expensive Jokers are required in a larger quantity for Mountain God (1 additional for Joker L and 2 additional for Joker S). Aces of Spades are the same, but then instead of King of Hearts Mountain God requires Ace of Hearts, which is a lot more and non-swappable via points. Lastly the Queen of Spades and Hearts are sort of similar.

So in conclusion, Mountain God is a lot more expensive to get, so assuming that the game devs have calculated elements / prices accurately then more expensive should equal better.

Earthshaker Crest House of Cards

Mountain God Crest House of Cards


So in conclusion we see that their evolves are similar, development growth and Herosoul cost is similar. Their skills can be said to be equal each with their own strength. However, the stats of the Mountain God were 2-3 times the magnitude of the Earthshaker and his Hero Crest is a lot more expensive / difficult to get, so I decided to go for the Mountain God and in this comparison I also conclude that Mountain God is the more powerful hero between the two.

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  1. Thank you so much for the input. I was dealing with the same dilema for so long now.

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  2. ofc this is now useless since earth shaker evolves twice, so you got the wrong hero.

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