Hey guys, published a new video on LOA Archer – #72 which includes a huge improvement in my party bringing in HERCULES + MESSENGER OF DARKNESS! Remember if you have missed any of the progression videos you can easily just open the playlist and go to the number that you want. The full playlist is on youtube or go via this short link: //

Character Progress Video #72:

Some nice moments from the videos:

Recruiting Earthshaker

Evolving to Hercules

Drilling training Hercules

Messenger of Darkness

Full party Drill

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Author: DolyGames

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  1. Hey, i remember u had put a post for making a chinese wartune account. I want to make a chinese LOA account but cant due to some reason ( i cant find any place to make my account on) So can u pls make a post giving any possible info for making chinese LOA account.

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    • hi, we did that for another game but for LOA i don’t really know that information, sorry buddy

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