Selecting the Right Server for Playing

League of Angels is played on various servers for optimal game performance. Some servers can have more people than others, but generally they try to keep them balanced. New servers are created when the existing ones are full.

It is a good idea to select a server which is working on your time zone so that you can have easier time when trying to access various game events. Otherwise, if you start playing on a server in a different time zone you might have events running at night when you are sleeping.

Here you see the screenshot of the Server Selection. There are several servers immediately suggested to you called the “Recommended Servers” and immediately below are all the available servers broken down by the various time zones, so you can easily browse and select one that is appropriate for your time zone. As mentioned, this is very important so that you will have various game events during comfortable time and not during strange times of the day.

The different Time Zones

The time zone options are:
• PST – Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8 hours) e.g. USA, Canada
• EST – Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5 hours) e.g. USA, Canada
• GMT – Greenwich Mean Time e.g. Western Europe
• GMT+8 – Greenwich Mean Time + 8 hours e.g. Russia, China, Australia

Note that server selection screen might look different depending on which platform you play the game. The below screenshot is an example from the Kabam servers where it is called Angel Alliance.

(Explanation written by DolyGames; prepared for Kabam)

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