Super Prismatic Wheel

Hey guys, here we have some information about the Super Prismatic Wheel event and the % chance of occurrence of the various prizes (thanks to Angel). So the event is not always repeated the same way and the percentages can change from time to time, but to haven an impression, at least on the event running right now, the Super Prismatic Wheel, on the below table you can see the chance of getting the different prizes from spinning the wheel – of course, the 10,000 prize has the lowest rate, but also, the lowest prize is not the most frequent actually.

Item % Occurrence Chance
10,000 1.2%
3,000 1.3%
1,000 5%
500 35%
300 45%
200 12.5%

Each time you recharge 999 diamonds you get 1 spin at diamond wheel, and everyday you get 2 spins for voucher wheel. Also some events give you extra voucher attempts (max attempts is 10 for both wheels)

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