The Raiders System

Hey guys, here is the explanation of The Raiders System (thanks to Angel). So to start with, the raiders system is unlocked at lvl 30. You can enter by clicking the RAIDERS icon:

This system is a very good way of getting soulstones and bless stones, specially when you upgrade it. Max free points in a day are 1400.

Once you enter you will find this interface. At the left we can see the number of explores left, raid attempts, locks, and the soulstones you have in total. In the center we have different treasures to synth, at the bottom we have our level of explorer and at the right the prizes for reaching points.


Players can explore 15 times for free every day. When you spin you get objects (2 at level 1 mine, 3 for the levels 2-3), that can be soulstones or shards to make treasures. There is an option at the botton to 1-click attempts, which will spin all the free spins for you, so you don’t have to click 1 by 1.


Players can raid 10 times for free every day.
Click “Raid” and raid-able players will be shown. Players’ levels, chances of raiding, and number of shards are also shown.
Click an available player and the fighting starts. The winning player has a chance to get the shards possessed by the opponent (around 75%).


Once you collect the necessary shards you can synth a treasure. It takes 15 minutes or 1 hour (left side treasures take 15 min and right side take 60 minutes).
Be careful because everyone can raid your shards and then you will need to collect them again, so make sure you use “protect” to avoid this! The number of protects increase by 1 each vip level (non vips have 2).

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