World Boss Rewards & Final Blow

Hey guys, here I want to share with you some facts about what kind of rewards you get for top ranking in the World Boss event and, as well, my achievement in getting the 1st rank for the first time.

 World Boss Reward for the Final Blow

A whopping 1.25 million Gold World Boss reward for striking the final blow:

 World Boss Reward for the Top Ranking

A nice reward of an additional 800,000 Gold and a Level 3 Common Gem Chest for the top rank.

 World Boss Reward for the damage performance

Here you see I did 65.01% damage to the World Boss (very few people were online at this specific time) and I got 109,500 Gold and 7,100 Warsoul rewards. However, I think these are quite low in relation to that huge performance percentage.

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